Night One…Crockpot Buffalo Chicken

First off, I’ve got to request y’all don’t judge my blogging abilities until I’ve had some more practice. 🙂  This is totally a learning process for me.

Today has been quite a day. 🙂  I’ve driven all over the metro-east, helping my extended family and finishing things up for our church’s Trunk or Treat, which is on Saturday.   I knew today was going to be crazy, so I decided to pull this recipe for tonight.  It’s very simple and has only 3 ingredients (my kind of recipe!).  I found it pinned on Pintrest, and followed the link to My Kitchen Apron.

Here’s the link:

I’m serving baked french fries as a side, to complete the very easy meal.

Is it a keeper? – Both of us liked this recipe, but I had to doctor it a little. Maybe I used too much hot sauce, but it was rather hot for me the first time I tasted it.  After I told my grandma my fears about it, she suggested I add a bit of brown sugar.  It did the trick nicely, and toned it down to a heat I could tolerate.  We decided we would like to come back to this one when the challenge is finished!  Another note: we used hamburger buns for bread, and they worked well after they were toasted.  I also put provolone cheese on the sandwiches, as well as some bottled ranch dressing. 🙂

Before Picture. 🙂

The finished mixture. 🙂

Put it on a bun and add some fries and you’ve got an easy meal! 🙂


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