Night Four…Sour Cream Chicken

Usually, I don’t cook alot on Sundays, just because we’re running to church (an hour drive) all day. Yesterday, however, we didn’t get to go. 😦 Riley Belle was sick this weekend, and Jake worked almost 24 hours straight from Saturday night to Sunday night. So, I figured I’d make myself useful and get ahead on my challenge. 🙂 I decided to use this recipe I had found on Pintrest awhile back.


The Finished Product:


Is it a keeper?- This was REALLY good, and pretty easy!  It was a good “breaded chicken” recipe, but I didn’t have to stand there and roll it in three different bowls before putting it on the pan.


I added to it a new side dish recipe.  I wanted a starch, so I looked for an easy potato recipe.  I found this one when I searched google.


Yesterday was an ucky day for weather in my hometown, and I didn’t want to grill.  I decided to follow the directions until I reached the point where I should grill the potatoes, and then I would fry them.


I also added just an itty-bitty bit of Greek seasoning.


Is it a keeper?- I would probably NEVER make anything like these again.  I absolutely love vinegar, but this was overwhelming.  Maybe I shouldn’t have soaked them, as the recipe says.  Maybe I should have used half vinegar and half water, but the vinegar was so strong we could barely stand it!  The house smelled like vinegar all afternoon.  Therefore, I think we’ve found our first clunker. 😦


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