Night Six…Three Cheese Alfredo Bake

Can you say “yummmmm?!”  I found this recipe awhile back, and it was one that Jake decided he might like to try tonight. We halved it.


I cooked the chicken in the crockpot this morning, and it fell apart nicely to put in with the other ingredients.



This is a heart attack on a plate, so I DID try to make it a little bit lighter.  I used the low fat Ragu, as well as light sour cream.  I’m sure you could use an egg beater or an egg white, too, instead of a whole egg.


I also added a salad and some garlic bread for the sides.


Is it a keeper?- As stated before, this stuff was YUMMY!  I might add a bit more garlic next time I make it, but I’m a garlic lover.  This has to be a recipe used sparingly, though, because it’s fattening, even with the lower fat adjustments!  We’ll use this one again, but it’ll probably be 6 months before we do, even if I wasn’t doing the challenge, in the interest of heart health. 🙂  Now off to take a walk! :p


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