Night Eleven…Cheeseburger Soup

Like I said in my previous blog post, I got most of my prep work done this morning, so this was an easy meal for tonight.  It’s VERY filling.  I couldn’t have eaten a second bowl, even though it was really good!  It’s pretty full of veggies, so that’s great for the kiddos, even though the milk and cheese add some fat to it.  Here’s the link:

Is it a keeper?- This stuff was seriously good.  Jake’s not a big soup fan, but he loved it.  It’s very hearty, and therefore, I imagine it stretches well, for bigger crowds.  I don’t see it sitting well for a long period of time, though, so this may not be great for a buffet party (just because it gets thicker and thicker as it sits).  For a dinner at home that sticks to your ribs, this is great!  We’ll do this one again, after the 6 months is up. 🙂

Happy Eating!


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