Morning Twelve…Christmas Decorating Brunch!

Christmas time is here! At least for me. 🙂  Today was decorating day in our household, so I tried to do something kinda special for food.  Breakfast is a special treat in our house, since none of us are morning people.  So when I got up with Riley this morning, I decided to make biscuits and sausage gravy and scrambled eggs.

Yum yum yum!  It tasted wonderful. 🙂  I used some more of that Jimmy Dean sausage I had stocked up on the other day, fried it, drained and rinsed it, and pulled out my secret weapon….

That’s right, I used a mix for our gravy.  And no, I do not feel guilty.  Do you know who actually introduced me to this mix? It was my mother and grandmother.  They both love it, too, and it’s so cheap (1.00 at Walmart).  I know how to make old fashioned, homemade gravy, but I love this mix.  It’s easy, and I don’t have to add anything to it with water, unless we want to add sausage. I made frozen Pillsbury Grands biscuits, too!

I guess this is my message for today:  home-cooked meals don’t have to always be from scratch.  I enjoy making things from scratch, but occasionally, it’s nice to have a break.  And when you find a mix that’s just about as good as homemade, USE it!


‘Tis the Season! And (that means) Happy Eating!


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