Night Twenty Two…Skinny Chicken and Tomato Pasta

I successfully made something tonight that I tried to make a couple of months ago without even realizing it.  This was a low-cal Weight Watchers recipe I’d found on Pintrest, and it looked wonderful.  When I decided to make it, I didn’t realize I had tried to do it a few months ago, and Jake didn’t like it.  This was a different process than the first one I used, though, and I think it turned out a lot better.



Is it a keeper?-I really liked this, and Jake liked this better than the first attempt.  We decided we could have this two or three times a year.  We didn’t hate it, but didn’t LOVE it. However, it made me feel better knowing it wasn’t ultra fattening. PS: Do be sure to save some of the pasta water; it can get dry unless you add some to it.


Messiness Factor-3 out of 5:  You’ve got to cut up the tomatoes and chicken, and use two different pots to cook it, plus a bowl to put the cooked chicken in.


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