Day Thirty (Christmas Brunch)…Paula Deen’s Pecan Praline French Toast

Hey, everyone! I trust you had a great Christmas.  We had a very busy but lovely week full of family and friends.  Now we’re enjoying all our new goodies everyone gave us.

Some of my favorite gifts this year have been for my kitchen; I got a new Paula Deen skillet, a bigger crockpot, and even though it wasn’t a Christmas present, I wound up with a new stove after almost burning the kitchen down while trying to cook bacon in the oven (long story, but I had to promise Jake to never do it like that again. :/).  I loved getting to use my new skillet on my new stove for Christmas brunch to fry up some sausage patties.


The main dish was a recipe I had seen on pintrest.


Is it a keeper?- This was seriously good, but very, VERY rich.  One piece was more than enough.  I DO suggest having a breakfast meat with it, or the sweetness will overpower you.  We loved it, but probably only for special occasions.  Not surprisingly, it called for a half pound of REAL butter.  Yikes!

Messiness Factor-2 out of 5.  One bowl and one baking dish.  The great thing about this one was the fact that it could be made the night before and popped in the oven the next day. Makes having brunch a lot easier!

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